Orientation & Experience


I hold a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and I am Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist No.103572.  I have experience working in a variety of mental health settings including schools, non-profits, and medical centers.  

My approach to treatment is integrative. I incorporative the following therapy models:

Attachment theory: how we connect to our early childhood caregivers forms a basis for our current relationships. Therapy can help clients form securely attached relationships. 

Somatic psychology: body-oriented practices to promote healing and integration of mind and body. Including yoga postures, deep breathing, and meditation. 

Mindfulness: nonjudgemental awareness of the present moment helps to break-up automatic thinking and behavior. Practicing Mindfulness leads to healthier strategies for experiencing intense emotions and coping with life stressors. 

Psychodynamic theory: early childhood experiences shape who we are today. Getting to know oneself through therapy can help to make our unconscious thoughts conscious.